The Water

The Prompt:
Take an event from history and write a fictional account describing a conspiracy theory about what “REALLY” happened. Or, if you prefer, write a scene about a character who believes in one or more conspiracy theories. Outlandish or realistic, recent or ancient—anything is fair game, but do please make it convincing. I want to believe.

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

They say something is in the water. That the government is poisoning us. Making us slower and dumber to better control us. How many times have I not heard “we need a filter on our tap”.

Often it is more talk than actual action. I usually smile overbearing when I hear people rant, normally over a cold beer in the summer heat or when the wine has been filled up several times already.

Only once or twice have I actually heard a person say they installed a filter of some kind on their water tap. Of course accompanied by talk of survival paranoia and other kinds of conspiracy theories about the government listening in on us, men in black and you name it.

I nod and smile, exchanging glances with some of the other guests. They shake their heads a little but not too much in order not to appear too discourteous. Other times the remarks bloom into a full fledged argument:

“But dude! You don’t have any proof they are contaminating our water! Everybody is drinking directly from the tap. We don’t even have the chlorine taste here as in other countries. It is as pure as it gets!”

Sometimes I really want to intersect myself into the discussion but I’m afraid I can’t hold my tongue. Too tempting to throw in the real facts about our drinking water. To hear them silenced by an expert, so they can throw all their silly conspiracy theories out.

My voice would be full of contempt and disdain. Not because I feel superior in any way but because I among a handful few know the truth. A truth that would put all the conspiracies to shame.

“We are not poisoning our water. I know, because I’m not a desk jockey in some cubicle punching numbers as you all think. I work in Marvel, the bio lab located ten floors down from our government building.

“I still punch numbers, but they are numbers of complex mathematical formulas that my colleagues give me. It’s my job check that they are valid and viable.

“Viable for what, you may ask? For the mutations to survive in the water.

“The mutations can be anything from small parasites to viruses. It’s getting harder for me to distinguish the more complex the mutation is.

“We are not trying to poison or control anybody. That is so far from the truth. Actually it’s the opposite.

“Marvel is just the nickname for the bio lab, that somebody came up with as an inside joke. “Almost like Marvel Comics”, he said.

“You see, we hope that the mutations will create other mutations in the those who drink the water. We want to create superheroes like those you read about or watch on the big screen. And we will succeed. Because we need them, now more than ever.

“So you see, there is something in the water”.

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