English Short Stories

DateName PromptGenre
January 2016The Smile“Her smile was a bit too wide, a bit too cheerful, considering the blood on the walls”
June 2017The
Take an event from history and write a fictional account describing a conspiracy theory about what “REALLY” happened.
February 2018LifeThis wasn’t the first time I had been trapped inside a _ , but it was the first time I had to escape in order to save a life. Here’s what happened.
February 2024The DogThe darkest, most depraved fantasyErotica
March 2024“The wolves are here”Your best friend sends you a text that says, “The wolves are here.”
March 2024The Accountant“Why is it always serial killers who are experimented on?”
May 2024What happened to Jim?Song: “The odour of Jim”